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What is Family Dispute Resolution?

What is Family Dispute Resolution?

What is Family Dispute Resolution?

A common question My Legal Crunch is often asked is, what is family dispute resolution?


Family Dispute Resolution

Family dispute resolution is a form of mediation which is overseen by an impartial third-party person called a family dispute resolution practitioner.  A family dispute resolution practitioner has special training around family disputes and issues that arise involving families, separation, how separating effects children and how to help the parents act in the best interests of the children.


The point of family dispute resolution is for both parents to make a genuine attempt:

  1. Raise and disclose all the issues;
  2. Hear and see each other’s points of view;
  3. Challenge any assumptions and unrealistic views;
  4. Find a common path of compromise that meets the best interests of the children; and
  5. Minimise costs in dispute resolution.

Why attend Family Dispute Resolution

At the very least, family dispute resolution shows that you have attempted to make a genuine effort to resolve any issues between you are the other parent.  Even if you don’t resolve all of the issues, you may resolve some or most of the issues.  That’s a good start! 


If you come away from family dispute resolution still feeling like there are issues not being addressed by the other parent you still have a number of options available to you. 


Your options include:

  1. Giving yourself and the other parent some time to think things over.  This can help everyone to step back and look at the bigger picture and come up with solutions.
  2. Just because family dispute resolution is over, it doesn’t mean the negotiations and communication stop.  If you and the other parent can continue resolving issues amicably, you should.
  3. You can contact My Legal Crunch for advice on the outstanding issues.
  4. My Legal Crunch’s Family Lawyers will make an assessment as to whether continued negotiations can be of benefit.  If there is a chance for a positive outcome, then often the effort is worth pursuing.
  5. Finally, My Legal Crunch’s Family Lawyers can commence parenting proceedings in Court, to have a Court determine the time each parent spends with the children, the care arrangements, where the children live and other parenting issues as appropriate.
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