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Violence Intervention Orders - Victoria (VIC) Police

Violence Intervention Orders - Victoria (VIC) Police

Violence Intervention Orders - Role of the Victoria Police


Q: Why are the Police Involved?

The police have an obligation to investigate reports of Family Violence. It is good public policy and for the benefit of society that the police take reports of Family Violence seriously. When it comes to personal safety, prevention of future harm is always paramount. Prevention comes in various forms and the Victorian Police play a role in educating the public and ensuring public safety.

When the police investigate a family violence complaint, they will assess any risk to your family member’s safety. This process can be confronting and confusing at times, but it’s important to remember that the police are there to assist in preventing Family Violence. Arguing or abusing a police officer will not help you in this situation and may lead to charges if your conduct amounts to obstruction or assault.


Q: What can the Police do when they are investigating reports of Family Violence?

The police have a range of powers that they can exercise depending on the circumstances. The police can:

·        Arrest or hold you in custody;

·        Remove you from the home;

·        Give you a family violence safety notice; or

·        Remove guns or other weapons.

If the police are involved and they feel that there is a genuine risk to a family member’s safety, they may apply for an Intervention Order on behalf of the endangered family member. If the police have applied for an Intervention Order, then a member of the police will represent the Applicant at Court.


Q: I am not happy with the police, what can I do about it?

The police have a duty to investigate reports of family violence as well as a duty to keep the peace. If you are ever confused by a police officer’s instructions, you can always ask for clarification at the time.

If you are unhappy with the police after the incident, you can lodge a complaint to the Section Sargent. It is a good idea to record the names and details of the police officer you had contact with, including which station they are from.

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