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Violence Intervention Orders—Application & Summons FAQ

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Violence Intervention Orders—Application & Summons FAQ

An Intervention Order is something you should take seriously.  It is important that you seek legal advice early and well in advance of your court appearance.  This will ensure that you are fully informed of your rights, options and allow time to prepare for any course of action. 

Before reading this section, you should first read our Intervention Order FAQ - Click here and our section on Understanding Family Violence - Click here.

Q: What documents should I expect to receive and what do they mean?

A: If someone has made an application for an Intervention Order against you, then you can expect that the Victorian Police will serve you with a copy of a document known as an “Application and Summons”.

The Application and Summons will provide you with a description of what the Applicant says has happened, and it will set out various conditions that the Applicant is seeking in their Intervention Order Application. The Summons will state what date and time your court appearance has been set for, which you will need to remember.

Things to note:

·        The conditions sought in the Application portion of your Intervention Order may be different from the actual conditions implemented in an Interim Order or a Final Order; and

·        If the Court has issued a warrant, the police will arrest you.  They may grant you bail depending on the circumstances until your next court date. If you are arrested, call us without delay for legal advice on your circumstances and put yourself in the best position to make informed decisions. 

Q: Do I have to go to Court?

A: This depends on your circumstances.

If you have signed a Bail document, then you have made a personal undertaking that you will attend Court, which means if you do not attend your Court appearance then you may be arrested for a breach of your bail conditions. If you have questions, give us a call to speak with one of our lawyers today.

If you get a Summons to attend Court, you should attend. If you do not attend Court, the Magistrate may make an order against you in your absence without hearing your side of the story. We recommend attending Court with one of our lawyers.  This will allow you to be represented during the process, to better understand your rights and to have the best opportunity to contest the Order if you so choose.  

If you or your loved ones are looking for a skilled Intervention Order lawyer, be sure to make an appointment with My Legal Crunch. We represent both Applicants and Respondents with Intervention Orders. Our lawyers also represent clients in relation to criminal charges and for breaching Court Orders. 

To learn more see our other sections on Intervention Orders:

We can offer you a fixed fee affordable legal service when it comes to Intervention Orders. Speak with one of our lawyers today to learn more.  



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