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Victoria Intervention Orders- 5 Mistakes to avoid

Victoria Intervention Orders- 5 Mistakes to avoid

5 Mistakes to Avoid with your Violence Intervention Order


Many people who have a Violence Intervention Orders (‘IVO’) made against them, will often make assumptions which are harmful to their case. If you or someone you know is subject to an IVO proceeding, consider avoiding these classic mistakes. Remember an IVO can have far-reaching consequences on your life, both for the short and long term.

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Here are five mistakes to avoid with your IVO

1.     Assuming that IVO proceedings are not a big deal

This is never a good assumption to make. IVO proceedings are not treated lightly and can have profound consequences on your life. IVO proceedings are designed to prevent and protect the public from violence. To learn more, check out our three-part series on How an Intervention Order can affect you—Click here.   

2.     Trying to represent yourself in Court

Having a trained lawyer represent you, ensures you have competent advice on the laws that are impacting your life. Having a lawyer also ensures that you are receiving objective and qualified advice. You may have the best intentions in representing yourself, but you are unlikely to give yourself objective advice, or to have the years of training that a qualified lawyer has, to inform you of the substantive and procedural laws surrounding domestic violence. A competent lawyer will also provide you with a legal strategy and present you with your options and obligations in contesting or complying with an IVO.

3.     Assuming that the Police or that the Court is on your side

The court and the police have a paramount duty to protect the public and to uphold justice. There are no sides or favouritism in a court of law, there are only facts and the law. Your strongest advocate, to champion your case will be your lawyer, if anyone can be on your side, it will be one of My Legal Crunch’s lawyers.

4.     Posting to social media or talking with your friends about your IVO

IVO proceedings are not public proceedings and they should be treated as confidential. This means it can be an offence to publish or communicate certain information about the proceeding, and if you do so, you may be liable for criminal prosecution. If you have questions about your IVO, you should speak with one of our lawyers who can help you understand your matter. Posting questions to social media is the wrong way to go about getting qualified legal advice.

5.     Reacting emotionally to your IVO

It is completely normal to feel frustrated, upset or even betrayed when you receive your IVO. If you are upset, it is best you step back from the situation, reframe your thinking and reassess the situation once you have cooled down. When people are emotionally charged, they often make irrational decisions which are more harmful than helpful. Whatever you do, make sure you exercise good behaviour towards the aggrieved. Do not text, call, visit or email the aggrieved person whilst you are upset. If you decide to write the aggrieved, make sure your messages are not instigating family violence or likely to contravene any court orders.

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