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How long does a Section 60I certificate last?

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How long does a Section 60I certificate last?

You might have seen our previous post about section 60i certificates.  A section 60i certificate is a certificate issued by a family dispute resolution practitioner.  It is required in most circumstances before you can commence court proceedings for parenting and children’s matters.


When you have been issued a section 60I certificate it does not last forever.  A section 60i certificate is only valid for 12 months.


After 12 months, you must obtain a new certificate if you have not commenced court proceedings.


One reason that section 60i certificates expire, is to promote genuine efforts by the parties to resolve issues before going to Court.  If enough time has passed since your last mediation, then it’s probably time to try again rather than going to Court. 

Sometimes the old adage, that time heals wounds is true, and the parties may no longer wish or need the assistance of the Courts.


Attending family dispute resolution and making a genuine attempt to resolve parenting and children’s issues can save time and costs. Overall, family dispute resolution is an effective way to help the family unit, and it can ease the burden and stress placed on children during this period of change.

Of course, there are certainly circumstances where family dispute resolution will not resolve the issues and the appropriate forum to resolve those issues is through the Courts.
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