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Access to Justice-Queensland Legal Walk

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Access to Justice-Queensland Legal Walk

Queensland Legal Walk- Access to Justice 

On 15 May 2018, approximately 1,000 supporters took to the streets to participate in a legal walk to raise awareness and support access to justice within Queensland. The organised walks took place in Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville, Toowoomba, Mackay, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.
 Caption- Walking along the Brisbane River with fellow supporters. To learn more about the walk, please visit

Why we walk...

The money raised from the Walk will help to:

  • grow the health justice partnerships, which put lawyers into health settings to assist vulnerable people experiencing complex social and legal problems; and
  • replenish the Disbursement Fund, which helps clients of pro bono lawyers and community legal centres to cover expenses associated with their legal matter.
Caption(Left)- Michael Rodrigues with Lady Justice, after having participated in the Brisbane walk. Caption(Right)- Some of participants from the Brisbane walk, waiting to hear the tally of the funds raised in the 2018 Queensland Legal Walk. 

Affordable Legal Services

We know that many of the people within our communities’ face increasing financial burdens, and that these burdens can be a barrier to obtaining legal assistance. Legal aid funding is an option for some, but unfortunately not everyone is eligible. This means that some members of the community will struggle to secure legal assistance. 


Commitment to Pro Bono Work

We are committed to supporting lawyers who undertake pro bono projects in all areas of the law. Pro bono clients are clients of our legal practice, and no distinction is made between hours spent on pro bono or other client matters.

The legal practice provides partner supervision, training, and mentoring on all pro bono matters. 


We believe in leading by example. Our staff are encouraged to attend pro bono training classes and seminars held by our partnering organisations.  In addition, our graduate lawyers are routinely encouraged to participate in pro bono practice and may be assigned to any pro bono matter. 


We are proud of the contributions that we have made to the legal profession and the positive impact we have on our community through our efforts and services.

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